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Welcome To Aliso Niguel High School's Marching Trumpet Line Homepage!!!!!!!!

      The Aliso Niguel High School Trumpet line is located in the city of Aliso Viejo, California. We attend Aliso Niguel High School, and are under the direction of Dean McElroy and Richard Perez.  Our drill is written by Don Gallagher and cleaned by Don Gallagher and Ron Eichstadt. Our band and trumpet line is held to the highest standards of musical and marching skills, which with out a doubt is one of the reasons we are in the top of our division every year. We expect nothing  less of ourselves than to perform to the best of our abilities and to work along with the other members of the band and music staff to make Aliso's music program and our trumpet line one of the finest music ensembles possible.

CONGRATULATIONS BAND on 2nd place at State Finals!!!

A Little Bit about the Trumpet Line

    The Aliso Niguel High School Trumpet Line is a division of the Aliso Niguel High School Marching Band, Drumline, and Color Guard.  We perform as a ensemble in a field show in the fall.  All year round though our Trumpet Line is in various ensemble classes to improve their musicianship.  When you see the Aliso Niguel Trumpet Line in action, it is a result of all the hard work, time, effort, and practice that every single member puts forth.


2005 Marching Show!!!

     This year's marching show is titled, "A Square Peg in a Round Hole."  Our music is written by David Holsinger and arranged by Jim Wunderlich.  The dates of our performances is on our competition page!!!  Be sure to check it out; this is one show you don't want to miss!!!


Marching News Updates!!!  (Updated 12/1205)

  • Christmas Parade on COX Channel 3, check their website for showtimes.
  • WBA Championships on First place Saturday (lost to sweepstakes)!!! Check competition for more information!!!
  • Check photo galleries for photos of entire '05 season!!!
  • Order the Aliso DVD of our Arizona BOA Show here!!!
  • Profile Page Updated!!!  11/28/05
  • Visit the Calendar Page for a list of practices and performances!
  • Don't forget to visit the Media page for Downloads of some of our music and other related files.
  • Click here for the Aliso Niguel Marching Band Homepage!!!
  • And if you have time please sign our guestbook before you leave!!!

Special Thanks!!!

The Aliso Niguel High School Trumpet Line would like to extend a huge Thank You to all the Boosters that help out at all our events and when it is needed.  Without you guys we would not be where we are today!  THANKS!!!


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