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Aliso Niguel Trumpet Line Member Profiles!!!

Former Members of the Aliso Niguel Trumpet Line!!!

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Brett Langham

Class of 2005
Best Memory: ?



Ryan Clark

Class of 2005
Best Memory: ?



Damion Young

Class of 2005
Best Memory: ?



Joe Morrison

Class of 2006
Bach Stradivarius - but decided Baritone was better...
Moved to Washington D.C.    WE ALL MISS YOU JOE!!!
Best Memory: ?


Josh Pelton

Class of 2003
Advice: Life is great. Never forget it, and always remember to be so deliriously happy about it that everyday problems seem like nothing. Suffering is a constant; we all know that. Just cheat the pain you endure by not letting it jack your happiness.
Best Memory: Two Words, Bible Stealing!!!


Drew Yasbek

Class of 2004
Bach Stradivarius - Model 72
Quote:  What? What was that? I heard the word louder, slut!!!
Best Memory: ?


Matt Mitchell

Class of 2003
Advice:  Do not take crap from anyone!
Best Memory: <Knock Knock Knock>  Housekeeping.......


John Donovan

Class of ???
Alumni of Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps
Advice:  Never give up on your hopes and dreams no matter how far off in the distance they are. If you try to achieve your dreams, one day you will. That's how I got into Devs. Dreams do become's up to you to work your hardest to make them happen.
Best Memory: Marching freshman year in black pants and a teal shirt; always a crowd-pleaser down there.





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