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Aliso Niguel Trumpet Line Member Profiles!!!

Members of the 2005 Marching Season!!!

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Attention all ANHS Trumpet Line Members!!!  Please email me your quotes, pictures, and any addition to your profile you would like!!!  You can email me at  Thanks!!!      -Andrew (Webmaster)



Justin Hershey

Bach Stradivarius - Silver
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  ? What do you think?


Kristen Hudson

Ghetto Pro Model - Silver
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  ? What do you think?


Reign Johnson

Bach Stradivarius - Silver
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  High Tweeter


Eric Hemingway

Dynasty- Silver
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  ? What do you think?


Andrew Beier

Bach Stradivarius - Silver
Quote: "Well done is better than well said"
Nickname:  Spunky


Jon Brown

Yamaha - Silver
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  Ian


Franz Gesing

Bach Student - Lacquer
Quote: ?
Nickname:  "Old School"


Jon Greer

Student Model - Lacquer
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  Man Man


Palla Lentz

Bach TR 300 - Lacquer
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  Paul


Joe Kaveney

Yamaha - Silver
Quote: "Shut the Hell Up!"
Nickname:  Tinker Bell


Jack Morrow

Bach TR 300 - Silver
Quote: "It's My Keg"
Nickname:  Jack Jack


Dylan Jones

Student Model - Sand Blasted
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  Tubby Tubby tit tit


Michael Thompson

Student Model - Silver
Quote: "?"
Nickname:  Michael Jackson


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