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Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade

Saturday, December 10th

Students are to provide their own transportation and meet on Crown Valley outside the Wendy's at the corner of Crown Valley and Moulton no later than 9:00.  They need to be dressed and prepared to march the parade route without carrying any items (clothing, cases, etc.)

Students need to take their uniforms (no sheikos), instruments, flags, shoes, etc. home with them Friday night, and bring their uniforms back on Monday.

You may park in the Wendy's lot, but I recommend that you get their earlier than 9:00 to get a spot if you are going to park.

The parade route ends near the corner of Niguel Rd. and Crown Valley.  Some families have found it more convenient to pick up their child at a designated spot near Niguel Rd (there's a Taco Bell center on the corner).

We are on last (actually, right before Santa).  There is no telling when our actual step-off time will be.  You should be prepared for the parade to end as early as 11:30 and as late as 1:00.  Students will be dismissed directly after the parade route near the corner of Niguel and Crown Valley.



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